About Our Store


The Story of KingChamp Books

KingChamp Books began taking shape as an online supplier of quality used books in early 2001. The venture is operated by a semi-retired newspaper guy who spent 38 years doing reporting and editing in New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and, more recently, Daytona Beach, Florida. Incidentally, the KingChamp name pays tribute to two departed canine friends -- King, a German shepherd adopted from an SPCA shelter in Providence (1982-1996) and his successor, Champ, a pit bull rescued from the streets of Daytona Beach (1994-2006). Happy reading!! --- Thomas S. Brown (Tom), proprietor


Our Inventory

 KingChamp concentrates on offering books about celebrities -- entertainers, society types, politicians, corporate titans and criminals (yes, those categories do overlap!). Most titles are priced below $20. We also have expanding inventory in art, detective fiction, spirituality, investment, cookbooks, gay/lesbian and self-help. We strive for accurate and informative book listings, careful packing and personalized service. We welcome your inquiries, suggestions and requests.

  NOTE: All of our listed inventory is in stock, either on premises or in the personal libraries of several consignment clients in the Daytona area.  We endeavor to process all orders within 24 hours.